The following is a case study of an installation completed on a slate roof

First a detailed inspection of the electrical conditions in the property were carried out and a rough diagram was sketched out, routes were discussed with the customer and any special considerations. System bonding and earthing were examined. Installation of the electrical components of the system were then undertaken.

The final diagram was drawn when all details had been confirmed.

The survey had revealed the roof would need some extra timber to be installed to strengthen the roof and spread the additional load, the roof was originally a tin corrugated type and was converted to a slate covering. 2 x 6'2' beams were installed with uprights tied into the rafters at 2m intervals.


Aluminium posts and flashings were installed in the roof covering and levelled. All feet were designed to go completly under the array and be a low as possible. DC cables were fed out onto the roof and flashed the same as the feet. 

The electrical installation work completed, inverter (SB3000 HF) DC & AC isolator fitted in the loft. An additional 1 way consumer unit was fitted along with an AC isolator and the generation meter in a bedroom cupboard next to the original consumer, AC testing was carried out and the electrical installation measurements were recorded.

Finally the 16 Kyocera 190W panels were installed on the rails, DC volatge and current tests were carried out and the array gave the correct output under the current light conditions (Gi). The inverter was then energised. after a few minutes the customer was generating their own electricity! (A sunnybeam wireless display was also set up so the customer doesnt have to keep going in the loft to see what they're generating)

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